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The state of affairs when talking about data

EU wants to prevent Cookie Directive

The online marketing scene should have switched to alternative tracking and targeting methods within two years at the latest from a technical point of view in the interest of its own reach. With the Cookie Directive, the EU wants to prevent websites from being hidden behind cookies.


Facebook establishes 'a content oversight board'

The most important task of the committee is to monitor, confirm and revise decisions on what content may flow through the social network. The panel includes a Nobel Peace Prize winner, the former Guardian editor-in-chief, the former Danish Prime Minister and US law professors.

Wirtschaftswoche Online

"The app is provided transparently open source"

The program code of the announced German corona warning app is apparently to be made available for independent third-party review, as demanded by many groups. The new paper emphasizes that the use of this app by citizens should be made possible according to the principle of "double voluntariness".


Apple and Google regulate

The corporations do not want to release their interfaces for everyone. To avoid a patchwork quilt, there should be selection procedures. However, if a country decides to set up different apps for individual regions, they would be willing to support them.

Heise Online

Economy still problems with DSGVO

"Unclear rules and overregulation impair the freedom of action of our companies and are counterproductive." they say. Especially now in times of crisis, the sewit two-year-old DSGVO is viewed critically.

Handelsblatt Online

More and more decentralized apps

The data protection-friendly DP-3T decentralized protocol is already being implemented by 10 EU countries in their app development. Without the support of these two companies, not a single such coronavirus app can provide useful results through Bluetooth tracing.

fm4 Online

Apps from PwC, DFKI, SIS and Eventim

Even more alternative developments around a corona app. An association of four companies will soon present their own app for contact tracing. However, in order for this to be usable in a meaningful way, the prerequisites must first be created.

Spiegel Online

Telekom and SAP are commissioned

The Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Federal Government together with their decentralised commissioners for the nationwide corona tracing app have announced The two major technology groups SAP and Telekom are the chosen ones.


Project Corona-App PEPP-PT discontinued

After heavy criticism, the centrally structured app PEPP-PT is no longer being developed. Instead, the Federal Government has decided to use a tracing app with decentralized data storage.


Showdown for Bluetooth

All hopes for effective contact tracing via an app for epedemic containment now rest on the 21-year-old Bluetooth technology. However, whether the signal strength is always sufficient for this will only really be known when the app is ready for use.


A health certificate in development

The consortium of clinics, test laboratories and IT service providers wants to develop a passport that shows a corona history via block chain. Patient data would remain in the hands of the clinics and patients, only a so-called hash in the various interfaces would make the certificate verifiable and thus trustworthy.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Online

Whatsapp alternative for schools

A 22-year-old develops a free cloud-based app for schools, students and teachers for overview of timetable and substitutions, homework lists and appointments. Sdui' is also designed to reduce mobbing and is DSGVO-compliant.


Facebook jumped in

In the 'Data for good' program, the social media network helps scientists identify patterns that could be one step ahead of the virus by using anonymized mobile data profiles of users.

Heise Online

An IT recommendation on Covid19

The academic and research community in Informatics in Europe demenad for example 'to develop a software which is not only GDPR-ready, but also dynamically reconfigurable by the end users within the limits defined by the current jurisdiction.'

Informatics Europe Online

Let's talk about data trust

What possibilities are there for between the different data sharing structures? What new issues between property law, data protection, and public law do they raise?


Smart lights - smart surveillance

Amazon and Google have been retrieving continuous status changes from the speaker devices since the beginning of last year. Great but so far little criticized living room views.


Project Nightingale

Google gains access to millions of health records by working with the largest cloud computing customers in the healthcare industry - without consent.‍

The Guardian

Leaked passwords analyzed

ImmuniWeb found in 21 million stolen access data-sets of companies, about 95 percent passwords in plain text.‍