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A future where everyone is sovereign over their data

The state of affairs when talking about data

Data scandal after data scandal, companies who know more about you than your best friends, manipulated elections, innocent people losing their homes due to incorrect credit calculations, and others who are randomly made terror suspects by algorithms. Even our children’s harmless youthful sins can’t turn yellow in Mum's photo box anymore, but follow them forever.

Leaving our innermost thoughts to companies that defy control is more than naive. There’s no option for zero data creation if you want to participate in digital life — and even so, gaps in your data may be filled with assumptions. Nationalisation isn’t a solution either — no state should have such power over its citizens.

So what do citizens want in the digital age? Secure and convenient digital products. Companies that pay taxes in their home countries. Local businesses that have a fair chance. In short, citizens want the benefits of digitisation, without the costs.

The digital ecosystem of the future

We’re building the digital ecosystem of the future on top of a decentralised infrastructure that uses local data storage.

Our decentralised and local data safe is the polyPod. With it, anyone can find and manage their personal user data available on the Internet and store it securely on their own electronic devices. For most individuals, this digital shadow currently lives on the servers of technology giants, who use it to feed their advertising machines and make dizzying profits. 

On one hand, we help individuals understand where they have intentionally, or unintentionally, left which traces of their data behind. In other words, we help them understand who knows what about them, and what is done with this information. 

On the other hand, the polyPod is a platform for companies, governments, and non-governmental organisations to program and execute a variety of functions — we call these ‘features’. These organisations can offer extremely personalised services using the data stored in individual polyPods, all with the user’s consent and without it ever leaving the user's device. By design, this always complies with European data protection regulations. 

This means that users no longer have to share their data with a company that uses algorithms to evaluate it together with an accumulated mountain of data from others. Instead, the company sends an algorithm to the PolyPod which processes the user data locally. In polypoly's infrastructure, algorithms go to the data — not the other way around.

Both people and companies benefit from this, and together we’ll build a unique European digital ecosystem that gives back sovereignty over data to each individual.

The revival of the co-operative

We’re different from other big digital companies because we don’t see our customers as products. We neither collect nor sell the data of our users — we don’t even know what it is. Instead, we want to provide good services. That's why we've decided to split our business into two parts, so there aren’t any potential conflicts of interest from the beginning.

In the future, the existing polypoly GmbH will take care of our business partners with auditing, contract manufacturing, training, and big data services. The GmbH represents and bundles the interests of businesses via a participation and co-operation model.

In addition to the GmbH, a European Co-operative (SCE) will be set up, where users can obtain a stake in the co-operative by installing the software. This way, the user can directly participate in the economic success of polypoly. This co-operative will be exclusively committed to the users and will be responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

This model of co-operation between the two organisations ensures that we are equally committed to our users and partners — in business and politics. Unfair influence or corruption of our infrastructure in this way is prevented. Trust is the most important currency for us, so we want to involve everyone.

Trade is when everyone benefits

We reconcile data protection with economic interests, digital sovereignty of the individual with public interest, national needs with international requirements. We integrate the diversity and values of European companies into a digital ecosystem that benefits all players on the market.


Never again powerless on the web

With polypoly, individuals can…

  • retrieve their digital shadows from Facebook, Amazon, WhatsApp, Google, Schufa & Co.
  • simply and easily protect their digital selves while millions of passwords and credit card numbers circulate on the darkweb.
  • get an overview of who is handling their data and how.
  • enjoy complete cross-company services (such as chat).
  • benefit financially from their data, entirely anonymously of course. 

Fair business also helps the economy

polypoly supports companies with all its strength...

  • to develop new or further business models in which the customer is an equal partner. 
  • to get access to better and cheaper data, while upholding GDPR compliance.
  • to reduce IT costs and risks.
  • turn investments in data protection into a competitive advantage.
  • reduce their costs for research, product development, and improvement.

A team of visionaries and doers

Founded in May 2019, we’re a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, talented coders, professors, design specialists, and communications professionals. We’re as diverse as our name, and are committed to building a European digital ecosystem. Though we’re based in Berlin, we’re nothing like a typical startup. We don't want to become the next internet billionaires, we don't have an exit story and we’re not interested in a hockey stick growth curve. We want to build polypoly into something no more and no less than the public utility for data, and we have a solid business plan to sustain it.

Join us!

We truly appreciate your interest, feedback, and ideas on how we can co-operate. Request our PR materials here, and send any proposals for development partnerships, investment, or other forms of co-operation here.

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